Revive is a discipleship program for active lay leaders to help them grow in confidence as spiritual leaders who love God and want to live a Jesus-shaped life.

“A decision to follow Christ is the most challenging, the most beautiful, the most costly, the most rewarding journey we could ever choose to begin.”    -Archbishop Hing, chair of Intentional Discipleship for the Anglican Communion

Who is Revive for?

This program is a gift of thanks for the dedicated service of those lay people—wardens, property and finance officers, committee chairs, church school teachers, youth ministers, pastoral visitors and liturgical ministers—who have worked so hard in their church yet who often feel they do not really know God.

“Here’s to the awareness of God slipping into our everyday doings.”    -Cheryl, Revive participant

How does Revive work?

Lay leaders will join their ordained minister in a safe, small-group setting, where they will gain confidence in praying, understanding scripture and developing their sense of call. They will be able to share their spiritual experiences and grow in intimacy with God as a follower of Jesus.

All video and written material is downloadable and can be run as either an integrated year-long year program or as three separate and independent small-group workshops.

  1. Communicating with God (Opening retreat and six-week sessions)
  2. Engaging in Scripture (Six-week sessions)
  3. Called for Ministry (Six-week sessions and Closing retreat)

Participants will develop a deeper relationship with God and others while getting to know more about themselves as spiritual leaders.
They will:

  • develop a prayer life that suits their personal spiritual temperament
  • gain confidence in speaking about God in their lives
  • experience scripture as a spiritual resource
  • gain experience praying in public and leading bible study
  • create a Rule of Life that expresses their personal spiritual practices
  • discern their call for justice, forgiveness and peace as servants of Christ’s kingdom

Parish clergy who lead this program will see their own spiritual lives flourish as they re-ignite their “first love” and calling. To give lay leaders a relationship with the living, grace-filled, loving God is quite simply the most important and transformative gift any spiritual leader can offer long-serving and dedicated servants of the church.

“I don’t think that I fully understood what the program would encompass and the depths to which it would go. I needed that challenge more than I was prepared to admit. … the program was life-changing. My eyes were opened to a whole new realm of spiritual practice
and activity.”    -John, Revive participant

Who created Revive?

Revive was developed through RenewalWorks, a ministry of Forward Movement, to help parishes facilitate growth in spiritual vitality. The program was created by Rev. Canon Dr. Dawn Davis at Trinity Anglican Church, Aurora, Canada, in the Diocese of Toronto. Dawn is an experienced Anglican priest with professional human resources certification, specializing in training and development, and organizational behavior. She also holds a doctorate in ministry in spiritual formation.

How do I participate?

If you would like to learn more about this program, see sample materials, or become a pilot congregation, please contact  Loren Dixon.


Download here: Revive Promo Flyer

“The best decision anyone can ever make, at any point in life, in any circumstances, whoever they are, wherever they are, is to become a disciple of Jesus Christ.” -Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby