Signing Up

Once the clergy and senior leadership of your congregation have decided to pursue this process, sign-up for RenewalWorks by visiting the Forward Movement website and purchasing the RenewalWorks program via this link.

For assistance, please contact Forward Movement at 800-543-1813
Your payment of $500.00 includes the following:

    • The Spiritual Life Inventory and a personalized report, based on your congregation’s data and benchmarked against more than 1,800 churches from many denominations that have also taken the survey over the past decade
    • A timeline for the process, along with conference calls, webinars and other materials to assist your planning and communication efforts
    • Three copies of the booklet, Footsteps by Jay Sidebotham, which explains the importance of spiritual growth and the methodology behind RenewalWorks. Discounted copies are also available for your workshop team and congregation.
    • Support for your workshop facilitator and team that includes
      – a step-by-step Facilitator Guide
      – a Participant’s Workbook for each team member
      – templates created by Jay Sidebotham to print and post as visual aids
      – webinars and weekly phone check-ins with your facilitator

Complete Church Profile & Select Launch Date:

The next step is for a senior church leader to complete the church profile, which will give us more information about your congregation. An online link to this profile will be provided in the welcome email you will receive after purchasing RenewalWorks.

In the church profile you will be asked to select a date to launch the Spiritual Life Inventory. The inventory will be open for two weeks beginning with this date.

Upcoming RenewalWorks launch dates are:

September 19, 2021 (sign up by August 27, 2021)
January 23, 2022 (sign up by December 20, 2021)

Custom launch schedules can be accommodated, please contact us for more information.

Gather a RenewalWorks Parish Team and Create a Promotional Plan:

The RenewalWorks parish team should consist of 9-24 core church leaders (similar to a clergy search committee). These people should be committed to promoting RenewalWorks to your congregation and participating in a series of workshops to engage in the process and analyze the inventory findings. Additional details about the process and promotional materials can be found in the Resources section.  It is important to begin preparing your team and your congregation for this process a minimum of 4-6 weeks prior to the SLI launch date to achieve maximum participation and results.